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Sprinter Order Information

2008 DODGE (MERCEDES) 2500 144" WB HIGH ROOF- diesel

Purchased new on 3-26-08. Added conversion. Sold 11-9-14

Drove van for 57,000 miles.

Had three failures: At 10,000 miles I had oil changed by local shop. Shop left a hose clamp loose on the air duct to the turbocharger. Van would not run so it was towed. Very simple problem made into a major issue by Sprinter computer; at 20,000 miles the EGR valve failed which put Sprinter into limp home mode. This was a serious failure because I had just passed several cars on a two lane road. Did not like a vehicle that tried to kill me/others. I never fully recovered from this incident. Lost confidence in the vehicle; last failure was the Espar auxillary heater. Mercedes bastardized the heater by integrating it into the Sprinter computer. This was a major struggle to get repaired. First Mercedes denied they built the Sprinter (Had Dodge nameplate) and also stated that they did not supply the heater. They said it had to be installed by someone else. I showed the window sticker to local service manager and showed him the Dodge option book that listed the heater. Many trips to dealer through several months until I found a new 2014 Sprinter in their inventory with the same option. Service manager then accepted that Mercedes had supplied the heater. When he tried to fix it he found Mercedes did not have any software available for troubleshooting and no technical support. They just threw parts at it until it worked. Very expensive $2000 repair.

Was not impressed with Mercedes design, their lack of support and the high cost of parts. Would not purchase a Mercedes vehicle again. Marginal design, expensive repairs and lack of service locations convinced me to sell the Sprinter. Sprinter was only choice for high roof in 2008. When Transit high roof was available I bought one and sold the Sprinter. This was a good decision except for the waste of time building the conversion.

The Sprinter conversion worked very well. I had made the correct choice for the layout. Only change was the replacement of the 135 watt solar panel with a 205 watt panel. Did make a list of 100 items that I would change/improve for the second conversion. Those changes can be reviewed by selecting the "CHANGES" button on the home page. The major changes were the vehicle brand, gas not diesel, thermally isolating the 80/20 structure and a revised bed design to increase bed length form 70" to 74".

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NOTE:For further information about the Sprinter build go to the web site "Sprinter-source.com". Select--> "Sprinter-Forum". Using the search function in the blue bar type: "orton diy". You will find multiple pages about the build. Each part of the build has a separate post such as "orton diy - floor", "orton diy-floor vent", "orton diy-walls", etc.