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The Sprinter layout worked very well so Transit will be the same.

The van must be usable for travel and as a cargo van. For that reason the rear across the van bed platform must be removable. There are four hinged bed panels that fold up against the walls. Table has two legs that bolt to a 3” wide 80/20 extrusion on van centerline. Four easily removed bolts allows table to be removed in 5 minutes.

The bed location drives the other cabinet locations. Because I do not want a long van the bed must be across the back of the van. In the Sprinter the bed length was 70” long and used removable panels between the table and van sides. It forced sleeping diagonal which was more of a problem than expected. Transit will have a 74” long bed by replacing the removable panels with panels hinged at table height off the van walls. The panels hinge up and are stored vertically against van wall when not in use. When down they meet at the van centerline and sit on top of the table. I also reduced the insulation thickness at ends of the bed platform to increase bed length. Bed platform is 54” wide. There are four 27” wide panels that fold down. Two used for one person bed platform at back and all four down to sleep two people. With two people traveling the front bedding is lifted up during the day and stored on top of the back bed. The two front panels are folded up against the van walls so that two people can sit at the front half of the table on the bench seats for an eating area.

Moved bed platform forward on Transit so I have room to store a folding bike between the rear doors and the table.

There are bench seats over the rear wheel wells. Can seat four people at the table when bed panels are stored vertically. The right side bench has the 24 gallon fresh water tank under bench, a electric baseboard heater at the bottom center and space for a 1 gallon propane tank at the back. Propane tank is stored in an enclosed box with a 1” drain hose that goes through the van floor. The left side has the 8D battery in front of the wheel well, the house inverter above the wheel well and the DC distribution wiring above the battery. The space between the wheel well and rear of van is available for storage.

There are two upper rear storage cabinets. They are 66” long x 13” deep and 15” high. Each has six 10” x 12” x 8” high baskets. They have a front rail to prevent baskets from falling out. Baskets are put in sideways to get more baskets in the cabinets. Prefer baskets instead of cabinets with doors. Much easier to get to the contents, lighter and no doors to get in the way and rattle. The lower front edge of the upper cabinets is high enough that you can sit up in bed without hitting your head.

No storage at back above the doors. Prefer to have unrestricted height when entering back doors.

The sink and counter are located at the back 33” of the 54” sliding door opening leaving 21” for entry/exit through the sliding door. Sink is located toward the rear and counter space toward the front of van. A fold down table is provided off back of sink cabinet to provide a table for outside use. A fold up table is hinged off the side of the sink cabinet to provide an eating or computer table when passenger seat is swiveled 180 degrees. The two burner propane stove is stored at the bottom of the sink cabinet in an opening without a door. There are three drawers on the left and a hinged door on the right for access to storage under the sink. The sink location allows cooking with the propane stove on the counter and the steam and smells exhaust up and out the open sliding door.

On the left side between the sleeping platform and the back of the driver's seat is a cabinet that has storage, the refrigerator, the microwave, the shower enclosure with the portapotti located in the shower enclosure. The rear part of the cabinet has a storage compartment at the bottom below the refrigerator and the microwave located above the refrigerator. Want both refrigerator and microwave mounted high enough to see inside the units. The shower enclosure does many things. The space can not be wasted for only shower use. Toward the van rear at the bottom there is a shower drain pan. Toward the van front there is a shower water tank that is also the support pedestal for the portapotti. The portapotti has attachment brackets so it can be locked in place on top of the tank. Portapotti is at the correct height. Above the portapotti is a removable shelf for food storage bins. Above the bins is a second removable shelf at sink counter height to increase counter space. At the top are four removable towel racks. Light items can also be stored on the towel racks. To shower the towel racks are removed, the bins are removed and the two shelves are removed. The portapotti remains.

The 25” aisle width is important to keep an open feeling and to allow a person to sleep in the aisle. It also allows two people to pass each other in the aisle. The rear view mirror is still usable. The driver's seat does not swivel but the passenger seat does. A person can sit in the passenger seat that is swiveled 90 degrees and can put their legs up on the driver's seat when reading. No storage above the front seats except for the Ford shelf.

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