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The Sprinter build worked very well but there are about 100 improvements/changes that will make the Transit build better. The following list describes the improvements/changes.

1 Gas Engine Less initial cost,lower operating costs,cheaper replacement parts, no exhaust filter,no exhaust DEF fluid,no glo plugs,more stations, idling possible
2 Ford Gas engine available, lower parts cost, lower repair costs, more service locations, dash gages,American made,better paint, simpler design,limited slip,better radio, non dealer service, 6 speed auto,no limp home mode,not a Mercedes, higher towing capacity,heavy duty towing package, larger tires, etc.
3 Extruded Macrolux ceiling Lighter with some insulation properties and does not mar like expanded PVC
4 Table converts to seat Front half of table can be changed to a seat.
5 Eliminate electrical reel Shore power seldom used. Add 3 prong male connector under drivers door.
6 Delete rear curtains Replace with Reflectix that covers window and has tabs to hold in place.
7 Window insulation Added Reflectix
8 Replaced removable bed end panels Added hinged panels from wall that are insulated and lighter.
9 80/20 1 1/2" x 3" table legs Slots available for load barrier, easy table top attachment, I can make
10. Move bed platform forward Added space between rear doors and bed platform for bike storage.
11. Centrifugal water pump Less cost, no noise, smaller. With bypass to protect pump.
12. Fabricated SS shower water tank Replaced portable 5 gallon beer keg with fixed tank that supports portapotti.
13. Added air heater Broan 750 watt # 124 with 86W thermostat
14. Larger solar panel 300 watt LG model LG300N1C-B3 solar panel. Replaced 205 watt panel that was used on Sprinter.
15. 1000 watt vehicle inverter Ability to charge at 50 amps from vehicle, work at higher temperatures, able to run 750 watt electric heater and 625 watt water heater.
16. Samlux SK1000K-112 vehicle inverter Pure sine with CR-8 remote to automate on/off. Replaced 600 watt Xantrx Prowatt SW used in Sprinter
17 1/8" plywood walls Lighter than 1/4" and easier to bend. Paint to match vehicle color
18. Reduced number of duplex outlets Sprinter had 8, Transit has 5
19. Blue Sky DC panel 5026 has terminal blocks and identification tags, easier wiring Replaced Sprinter's Iota IDP 30 combination AC/DC panel
20. Larger electrical panel space Easier wiring and less rats nest
21. Refrigerator Vitrifrigo C85iBD4-F, slightly larger, compresser at bottom increases freezer size, 3 door shelves, better shelf adjustment, side latch
22. Deleted 80/20 solar panel support frame Used four 3/16" x 1 1/2" x 6" aluminum angles bolted to solar panel frame. Formed 12 ga. SS brackets between roof and aluminum angles. Under roof plastic wood reinforcement between ribs.
23. Center bottom drawer guides Wood guides instead of ball guides
24. 80/20 sink cabinet Less weight and easier to bolt to floor than 100% wood Sprinter cabinet
25. Sink cabinet counter Lighter Corian sink top instead of maple for easier cleaning
26. Grey water tank on right side Located behind slider door to give under storage space on van left side.
27. 1/4" cabinet panels Lighter than 1/2" in Sprinter. Plywood glued to Macrolux for a strongback
28. Use elastic stop nuts Had loose bolts with flange nuts used on Sprinter build.
29. Light over passenger seat table For computer use
30. Thermally isolate 80/20 from van steel Help prevent heat gain/loss
31. 14 gage fabricated SS sink Less cost and any size with 1" OD drain tube.
32. Add inside tent Double walled with Thinsulate between layers. Under overhead cabinets down to table top over bed platform.
33. Add higher 80/20 in shower enclosure Make copper towel rods to fit in 80/20 slot
34. Four circuit breakers at seat inset panel 15 amp for Solar in, 20 amp for solar out, 15 amp for inverter output, 50 amp for DC distribution panel
35. Selector switch for "vehicle" inverter Water heat or charger/refrigerator or air heat or off.
36. Upper right front cabinet end Use 1/4" plywood instead of 1/2"
37. Two horizontal 80/20 cord supports On van wall behind refrigerator
38. Use Blue Sea 2722 Distribution block Replace # 2701. Better design and cover.
39. Railings for upper cabinet rear ends Railing instead of full panel on back ends of upper cabinets.
40. Thermally isolated bench seats Used two 5/16" thick 1" dia. Nylon spacers on each side of van steel.
41. Selector switch for Shore/Inverter Relocate to shower wall mounted control panel
42. 12 volt rear plug location Vehicle 12 v plug on right door frame and house plug on left door frame. Choose either for 12 volt heating pad.
43. Use 1" 80/20 for slide for sink end table Drawer ball slide rattled in Sprinter
44. Rotate Portapotti 90 degrees Easier to use and more space to shower
45. Delete separate rear fan Was not used in Sprinter
46. Water pump switch location Move to rear side of sink cabinet. No switches down low at electrical panel.
47. One piece bench seat tops Sprinter had 3 seat tops on each side.
48. No slot on 80/20 @ ceiling Smooth 80/20 side at top of cabinets. Gap above 80/20 for Macrolux ceiling and added 1/2" closed cell insulation.
49. Rubber floor not under sink Rubber floor stops at sink so it can be removed.
50. Sink cabinet stops before seat back Seat back is removable without removing sink cabinet.
51. Front privacy curtain Not full width. From shower enclosure to right van wall.
52. Shorter length seat backs No angle at end of seat back at rear.
53. Remote start on van. Start engine for interior heat from bed.
54. Relocate vehicle inverter Move from back of passenger seat to on shower wall
55. 1" drain on gray water tank Sprinter's was 3/4"
56. New design panel support angles 3/16" x 1 1/2" notched angles. Tapped for panel bolt and two mounting holes.
57. Relocate propane tank Relocate to right rear in a sealed box with drain. Adds storage space under sink.
58. Added 1/8" loaded vinyl to floor Located on top of floor corrugations and under plywood.
59. Shorten fresh water tank Tank does not protrude into sink cabinet.
60. Plastic shower panels Used 6mm Macrolux instead of 3/8" painted plywood.
61. No bottom drawer in sink cabinet Create storage location for larger CampChef two burner stove.
62. Shortened sink cabinet door So door can open with two REI pads on floor in aisle.
63. Three sink drawers instead of four Deleted bottom drawer to give storage space for propane stove.
64. 3/8" wood bottom in overhead cabinets Less weight and aluminum thermal isolation.
65. Portapotti support Shower water tank used to support portapotti
66. Added counter height shelf in shower Provides for more than double counter surface.
67. Plastic wood header for floor 3/4" between rear step pad and floor to hide floor end.
68. New design wood panel supports 3/4" x 1 1/8" wood glued to panel with slotted mounting holes.
69. Rear 120 volt plug on end of bench Remove from seat front panel to rear right wall under bench.
70. Fiberglass under rubber floor Replaced 1/8" Masonite with 1/16" fiberglass shower wall material. 3/8" rubber and 1" rigid insulation were both oversized
71. Delete rear 12 volt plug in seat base
72. Solar controller inside electrical panel Access not required
73. Solar CB at seat indent panel Gives ability to turn off solar power.
74. 12v CB and 120v CB on alum. Panel Ability to turn off 120v AC and 12v DC power.
75. Add 12 volt bus under sink Add 12 volt socket under sink for lantern and 12 volt socket on end of sink.
76. Delete 120 volt plug on front of sink Moved to front end of sink.
77. One less 80/20 across van floor extrusion
78. Add interior light switch to end of sink Operate either from inside van or when entering sliding door.
79. Remove 12v and 120 v plug from sink Removed from back side of sink cabinet.
80. Revise location of overhead lights Two over sink, one in shower, one over read doors, and LED strip lights in bottom slot of overhead cabinet's 80/20.
81. Use # 6 wire after solar controller Between contoller and battery
82. 1/2" rigid insulation on bed wall Fill gaps with spray foam and cover with indoor/outdoor carpet. Thinner insulation allows bed length to increase from 70" to 74".
83. Bike space between table and rear door Move table forward to give space for indoor bicycle storage.
84. 1 1/2" rigid insulation under cabinets
85. Store window insulation in side. Behind the fold down Murphy bed platforms.
86. Add 1/2" closed cell foam above ceiling Insulation between ceiling and bottom of roof ribs.
87. Heat reflective roof paint Hy-Tech Kote # 2150 Prime with "Bus Prime" 2 coats
88. Quick disconnect for water pump outlet Easier to attach hose.
89. Eliminate seat end panels Easier access
90. 1 Gallon propane Worthington # 281149. Use 1 lb. propane bottles as back up.
91. Brown mesh baskets Home Goods 10" x 12" x 8" tall baskets. Simplify # 25092 Baskets sideways so more baskets on each side.
92. Cabinet under refrigerator Cabinet with door instead of two drawers.
93. Relocate 8D battery Battery moved from behind left rear wheel well to in front of it.
94. 14 Ga. SS shower pan Had to be special size.
95. Insulated bed platform 1/2" of rigid insulation in the hinged bed panels.
96. Automated vehicle inverter Inverter will start automatically when one of the upfitter switches is on.
97. Added duplex plug above shower For 120 volt appliances used on shower counter.
98. Used 1" Quick Frame for bed panels Lower weight than plywood and can be insulated.
99 Sink outside fold down table support Added lower cabinet door that supports table when open.
100 Clear water supply hose Water level in fresh water tank can be seen with slider door open.

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